Radio Tower Approved for Installation Near Entrance of Mineola Nature Preserve


In a recent Letter to the Editor, Preserve Mineola Member, Joe Moore, shared his thoughts on this concerning matter:  

Please Preserve Mineola Nature Preserve

It was just a few months ago that citizens became aware of a potential impact to the Quality of Life we enjoy in Wood County through a public notice for a concrete batch plant outside of the Mineola Nature Preserve. Thankfully the applicant withdrew the permit and preserved the Quality of Life we have come to enjoy at the Mineola Nature Preserve. 

Once again though, the Mineola Nature Preserve may be adversely impacted with the construction of a 280 foot tall radio communications tower. The tower will rise above all else at the Preserve and will be visible by everyone who visits. 

Reasons for choosing that location are, it is east of town, the city owns the property, and it will achieve a height that will provide better communications reception. Granted, we need to have the best communications possible for public safety, but at what cost to the Quality of Life of the citizens of Mineola and the Wood County region?  What will keep the city from using the Nature Preserve property for future non-park-related projects? 

I would hope that the city has exhausted all potential sites, including available land for purchase, for the location of this antenna before eroding the nationally acclaimed and state supported Mineola Nature Preserve.

I would encourage others to let their opinions be known and express their desire to protect the Mineola Nature Preserve from erosion of our Quality of Life.



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We are a group of concerned citizens with the goal of informing citizens of Mineola and the surrounding communities about this pending threat to the Mineola Nature Preserve and Equestrian Park. The Mineola Nature Preserve is a world class facility that many in the surrounding communities enjoy with their families. It also provides 2,911 acres of natural habitat for area wildlife.

Preserve Mineola is also a member of Texans for Responsible Aggregate Mining (TRAM), a statewide coalition of member groups seeking to work with lawmakers, state agencies, and good-faith industry operators to create state standards for best management practices in the rapidly expanding Aggregate Production Operation (APO) industry, and adopt those standards into law. TRAM's goal is to create a healthier, safer and more desirable community for Texans as well as a more efficient APO industry that is aligned with the concerns of the communities in which they operate. 

Informational Gathering on 4/3
Informational Gathering on 4/3

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Informational Gathering on 4/3
Informational Gathering on 4/3

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Informational Gathering on 4/3
Informational Gathering on 4/3

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Informational Gathering on 4/3
Informational Gathering on 4/3

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April, 2021

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments and took action to save the preserve! 


Grass roots citizens group, Preserve Mineola, was notified this evening that Representative Cole Hefner and Senator Bryan Hughes made the following announcement regarding the proposed concrete plant near the Mineola Nature Preserve:

“Each of us has spoken with owners of Bell Concrete and let them know about the community’s concerns with the location of the proposed concrete plant. As soon as the company owners learned about the objections, they immediately volunteered to withdraw the permit application and to begin looking for a better location for the plant.

"Starting this process over will cost Bell Concrete additional money, but they are willing to do this in response to the residents’ concerns. The owners of Bell Concrete have a long history as great neighbors and corporate citizens, and we look forward to working alongside them as they expand operations to the Mineola area.

"We are also indebted to Alderman Greg Hollen, County Judge Lucy Hebron and Mayor Kevin White for working with us on this important matter."

The nearly 3,000-acre Mineola Nature Preserve has served as a place of solitude to thousands of people who utilize this beautiful natural space for exercise, stress relief, outdoor education, organized sports, equestrian use, and memory-making with friends and family. In an effort to preserve this vitally important land, the group, Preserve Mineola worked with local citizens, city and county officials to find a more responsible location for the concrete company, Bell Concrete, Inc., who had requested an air quality permit to place a (24/7) concrete batch plant directly across the street from the Preserve and The Derby Equestrian Campground. 

“A concrete batch plant in this location would have been detrimental to all life for miles, even more so because of its proximity to the Sabine River,” said Joe Moore – member of Preserve Mineola. “The well-being and quality of life for the community, along with the ecosystem of the wildlife and plants native to the nature preserve would have been tremendously compromised if this permit had been approved,” added Moore. 

“We are thankful that Bell Concrete, Inc. has made the responsible decision to work with the community on this matter,” stated Mary Williams, member of Preserve Mineola. “We are beyond grateful for everyone – the citizens, city, county, and state officials – who came together as a true community to protect this wonderful preserve,” continued Williams.





Thank you to everyone who donated, citizens who made their voices heard, and the State, County and City officials who took action during our engagement with Bell Concrete!


As we continue working protect the Mineola Nature Preserve and the broader Quality of Life for Wood County citizens, your donations help to support that process by helping us get the word out through this site, social media, and our grassroots efforts to stay connected with city officials, conduct research, and keep a pulse on activities in Wood County. 

Thank you again for your generous support!